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About us - Introduction

Megapolis Group of Companies is a privately held logistics and distribution business, focusing on FMCG including tobacco products, beer and soft drinks, tea and coffee, lighters, batteries and contraceptives. Megapolis Group of Companies operates through over 250 affiliates on the territory of Russian Federation and over 40 in Ukraine. Megapolis directly works with more than 150,000 points-of-sale in Russia and more than 50,000 in Ukraine. The number of employees in Russia goes beyond 14,800 people and in Ukraine beyond 2,800.

Megapolis currently has distribution contracts in Russia with:

  • Cigarette producers Japan Tobacco International, Philip Morris International, Imperial Tobacco Group;
  • Beer and soft drink producer Baltika (Carlsberg Group);
  • Tea and coffee producers Sara Lee (Moccona, Pickwick, Piazzo D’Oro), Milagro Food and M.J.F. Teas (Dilmah);
  • Distribution contract with energy drinks manufacturer Red Bull GmbH (Red Bull, Bullit);

Megapolis also works with other brands in Russia such as Neska (Cricket), Flamagas S.A. (Clipper) and Amatti lighters; Samsung, Energizer and Kodak batteries; and Medcom-MP contraceptives (Durex, Contex, Erotica Deluxe, Gusarskie, Soblazn).