Corporate Governance

TC MEGAPOLIS has implemented a system of corporate governance whereby relations within the company and with external stakeholders are clearly structured.

The main corporate governance bodies at the company are:
  • General Shareholders Meeting
  • Board of Directors Committees
  • General Director

General Shareholders Meeting

The General Shareholders Meeting is the highest governing body of TC MEGAPOLIS, JSC. The functions of the shareholders meeting include appointing the Board of Directors, electing the Revision Commission, selecting the company’s auditor, approval of the annual report and financial statements, and allocation of profit, including the payment (declaration) of dividends.

General Shareholders Meeting

Board of Directors Committees

Three committees were formed by the Board of Directors to review important issues in detail before they are presented to the Board

The Audit Committee works with the Board of Directors to monitor the financial and operating activities of the company, including:
  • Overseeing the preparation and presentation of financial and other reporting
  • Ensuring that reporting is complete and accurate
  • Establishing an effective system of internal controls and risk management
  • Facilitating constructive communication between the external auditor, company divisions responsible for internal controls and the internal audit service
  • Monitoring the company’s compliance with relevant laws and internal regulations

The Personnel and Remuneration Committee is responsible for reviewing issues related to corporate governance, HR policy and corporate social responsibility.

The Strategy Committee determines the strategic goals and priorities for the company. The committee’s main areas of focus include:
  • Business planning, including budgeting and setting financial and operational targets
  • Developing strategic plans for increasing the company’s value
  • Establishing the company’s investment, marketing, dividend and lending policies
General Director
Alexey Alexandrovich Koldunov

Member of the Board of Directors of TC MEGAPOLIS, JSC

Director General of TC MEGAPOLIS, JSC

Born: 1975
Education: Degree from the Russian Government Finance Academy
From 1995 to 1998: Head Economist of the Treasury and Head of Treasury Group at Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank
From 1998 to 2003: Head of Finance and Economics Department, Financial Director of Tobacco Division at the Mercury Group of Companies
From 2003 to 2007: CFO Megaform Pro
From 2007 to 2015: CFO of the TC MEGAPOLIS, JSC
From 2015 to present: Director General of TC MEGAPOLIS, JSC