MEGAPOLIS Group of Companies was established in 1998 and is currently the leader on the Russian market of distribution of tobacco products and other fast moving consumer goods.

Portfolio of tobacco contracts, the basis of the company's business, was formed in 2000. Intensive development of regional structure began in 2001, the same year a contract with the tobacco factory Reemtsma (which became part of Imperial Tobacco Group since 2002) was signed. In a year the number of regional MEGAPOLIS branches with their own storage spaces exceeded 50.

MEGAPOLIS has been diversified its portfolio since 2002. Developed regional network, modern logistics infrastructure, shared corporate information system contributed to the successful implementation of other commodity areas: grocery, beer and soft drink products, batteries, etc.

Contracts with Gallaher Group and Baltika (Carlsberg Group) signed in 2003. Distribution of non-alcoholic beverages began, and the total turnover exceeded 25 billion rubles. Since 2004 the company has been developing van-sale delivery, and the number of regional branches reached 100.

In 2005, the number of covered distribution outlets was over 71 000, and a year later, this figure already amounted to 140 000. In 2007, MEGAPOLIS group of companies signed a contract with Philip Morris International, the number of regional branches has exceeded 250. Contract with Japan Tobacco International was signed in 2008.

SOVINTERAVTOSERVIS, one of the largest dealers of commercial vehicles, became part of MEGAPOLIS group of companies in 2009. In the same year, MEGAPOLIS changed van-sale system to delivery by prior reservation. MEGAPOLIS has launched Cash&Carry in 2011, and now most of the branches sells products both to companies and individuals. The Cigar House Fortuna began to operate in Russia in 2011; this company deals with import and distribution of elite tobacco products: cigars, hookah and pipe tobacco, cigarillos, accessories. In 2013, Philip Morris International and Japan Tobacco International – one of the world leaders in the manufacture of tobacco products – have become shareholders of MEGAPOLIS.